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Hello all.
I am Rose Sharpe of CleverCow Ceramics.
As a self taught clay hand builder, it is through many years of mistakes, tears and heart ache that I have got to this point! And I have many more years of learning ahead.
Like life, clay has its own natural way of going in a direction other than what you asked for! So, I have learnt to go with it, not fight it and really enjoy the outcome.
Back when I returned to Ireland from many years in Australia, I joined a pottery class. Coming from a background in cake decoration and modelling fondant, I found a sculpting class in Dublin. Hand building was my niche. The texture, pliability, and pure muddy earth is just soul filling. My passion and love of clay is indescribable. It eases the tensions of my mind, frees my creativity and gives me such warm fuzzies when I see people's eyes smile at one of my pieces.
So please share my passion and feel the love I put into each piece so it can spread some light in your home.

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